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These special programs will help our patients through the holidays




Thursday 14, 2017 

12 Days of Christmas- Rewrite the Twelve Days of Christmas

·         Help patients incorporate and process what is of value to during the holiday season.

Friday 15, 2017

            Christmas Traditions

·         Help patients establish new traditions and identify how old traditions have impacted own wellness

Saturday 16, 2017

            What Christmas / Holiday Means to me?

·         Help patients identify meaning and process thoughts / feelings about the time of year.

Sunday 17, 2017

            Winter wonderland Scramble

·         Assist patient in activity of importance of slowing down and focusing on the gift of the present.

Monday 18, 2017


·         Engage patients in making snowflakes and discussion of individuality

Tuesday 19, 2017

            Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

·         Activity and discussion about difficult patients might experience of fitting in due to mental health / chemical dependency issues

Wednesday 20, 2017

            Christmas Cards 

·         Assist patients in journey of grief / loss and forgiveness in card making activity

Thursday 21, 2017

            Christmas Rush

·         Discussion and activity of how anxiety presents and how to cope

Friday 22, 2017

            Peaceful, Quiet

·         Milk and cookies to help patient practice mindfulness, understand how to apply to daily living

Saturday 23, 2017

            Grounded Christmas

·         Patient engage in creating Christmas tree and discuss how Christmas tree similar to own life

Sunday 24, 2017

            Night before Christmas

·         Assist patient in rewriting their own night before Christmas, sharing experiences with others.


Monday 25, 2017CHRISTMAS

Christmas Bingo

·         Spread Christmas cheer by identifying iconic holiday figures and traditions in lively game of bingo.





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