Patient Experiences

Our patients share their experience and triumphs


“I liked it here. I’d like to thank the staff for being courteous and caring despite having late night shifts. It definitely must have been stressful, but it shows that they try their best.” Adolescent

 “I had the best time in this hospital and the staff was nice and I would totally come here the next time I have a problem. Thank you for my help and getting me better.” Adolescent

 “I want to thank all the staff and my doctors for being there for me and help me with everything to prepare me for continued care when I check out, being honest with me and allowing me to work through my issues” Adult

 “Julia, MHT, was amazing! Always treated me like a person and not a patient. Lori, the nurse who gave meds, was amazing as well. She truly cares about her patients” Adult

 “I want to thank all staff. The PA (patient advocate), Woody, Vivian, and Cean for full support, listening and helping me prepare for next step in recovery.” Adult

“I have loved this place and its treatments from day one. If I ever needed help again, I would come here. Tammy has been the absolute best therapist I’ve had in my life. I love her and can’t say enough good things about her. She’s excellent!” Outpatient

 “Staff was good and helpful. Thank you guys!” Adult

 “My stay here was safe and comfortable.” Adult

 “Tammy is an amazing therapist. I have so much love and praise for her. She helped me so much. I felt cared for and that my recovery was a vital priority the entire time. This place is amazing for healing.” Outpatient

 “The food was very good.” Adult

 “I appreciate all the staff. They were helpful and had great jokes that made me laugh. Overall, this place made me very happy.” Adolescent

 “Dr. Polk was amazing.” Adolescent

 “Keep up the good work!” Adult

"The staff are so nice and this is a caring place and the groups are good for help. This place is very protective.” Adolescent Girl

 “I had a good stay. Thanks to new guy, Joel. Sam and all staff here are good people. Thank you all.” Adult

 “This has been a good experience.” Adolescent Boy

 “Staff is efficient and helpful. Groups are fun and informative as well as child building” Outpatient

“My experience with San Antonio Behavioral Health outpatient program was the greatest experience I could have asked for. I struggled most of my life with depression, anxiety and have experienced trauma of varying kinds and after my second child’s birth the depression skyrocketed and I needed help.The staff are incredibly gracious, kind and down to earth. The idea of group therapy was new but the therapists made it easy, welcoming and safe to talk. I learned some great life and coping skills that benefit me in everyday life and relationships.I truthfully would not be where I am today if not for this program and the incredible support my therapist from the program, I’ve grown so much and am so grateful for it. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone. “


Patient was seeking help for anxiety which was affecting his ability to work. Patient completed 8 days of treatment and felt that he was ready to return to work. Upon discharge his wife hugged the therapist and said “thank you for giving me back my husband!”


“My experience at San Antonio behavioral hospital began several weeks before on the rainy night when San Antonio had four tornadoes touch down. That night I had attempted to take my life with a variety of pills but to no success. My spouse knew that I needed help and asked for me to call call for help and see if I could get better. Through a roundabout way, I was led to San Antonio behavioral Hospital which coincidentally is just down the street from where I live. They took me for an intake procedure and started me right away into the program. At first I was a bit skeptical being in the medical profession and not the psychiatric part. I had my doubts but little by little with the  use of the therapies, the relaxation technique positions, with medications and recreational therapy I began to see a different me start to emerge. I was not always the first one to speak out, I was not the one who cut people off as I used to in the old days, my mind was now able to relax and calm down. It has been a year since that time and I am very thankful that I spent as long as I did with San Antonio behavioral hospital and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with any kind of psychological problems.”