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How an Emotional Support Animal for Depression Can Help


Depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. There are several methods that have been developed to combat this mental condition, including drugs, therapy, exercise, and diet regimens.

One of the more recent treatments uses emotional support animals for depression in San Antonio, TX. This has been shown to work for many cases of depression.

Advantages of Using an Emotional Support Animal

The most common emotional support animals are dogs, although other animals have also been shown to be effective. Using an emotional support animal for depression in San Antonio works for a variety of reasons.

Mood Improvement

One of the main benefits of an emotional support animal is mood improvement through activity. Levels of the hormone serotonin, which helps increase feelings of wellbeing and happiness, have been shown to increase when an individual is engaged with physical activity with an emotional support animal, such as going for a walk.

Sensory Stress Relief

Emotional support animals may also provide sensory stress relief to those suffering from depression, because petting and grooming animals can help decrease stress levels.

Encouraging Responsibility

Depressed individuals with emotional support animals may enjoy greater motivation throughout the day because of the need to take care of their animal. This can increase the individuals’ sense of self-importance.

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