Adolescent Mental Health: Teen Suicide Is Not a Game

July 26, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

In today’s digital age, everything is accessible to teenagers via connected devices – even suicide. The rise in teen suicides is alarming.... Continue reading →

Understanding Schizophrenia: How to Recognize the Causes, Symptoms, and Early Warning Signs in Young People

November 8, 2016 Posted in: Announcement

Schizophrenia is a serious and chronic mental health disorder that alters how someone thinks and feels in a way that can interfere with normal behavior. The onset of the illness... Continue reading →

Opiate Addiction: Side Effects and Treatment Options

October 6, 2016 Posted in: Announcement

Opiates come in a variety of types and with a variety of demons associated with abuse. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from opiate abuse, we... Continue reading →

How to Help Someone Struggling with Addiction

August 25, 2016 Posted in: Announcement


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an addiction as "a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something... Continue reading →

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

August 2, 2016 Posted in: Announcement

Bipolar Disorder

When you hear the words "bipolar disorder", do you understand what they mean? We hear it in passing, usually from people who don't... Continue reading →

The Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Abuse among Military Vets

September 9, 2015 Posted in: Announcement

It’s a bit of a Catch 22: being able to “hold your liquor” is the sign of a tough man, but turning to alcohol time and again to drown the pain of battle memories turns you into a shadow of a man. For male and female military personnel and veterans, there is an increased risk of alcohol and drug... Continue reading →

Depression in the Military

August 25, 2015 Posted in: Announcement

While suffering from depression is not a unique experience for people in any particular career, military personnel and their families are more susceptible to both depression and other issues such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and anxiety. The 2010... Continue reading →

Using Massage to Relieve Depression

July 17, 2015 Posted in: Announcement

Most people have had the blues along the way, but some people suffer from mild to severe depression, which can be caused by a... Continue reading →

6 Ways to Cope With Military Spouse Suffering

June 25, 2015 Posted in: Announcement

One stays behind and the other enters a combat zone. For civilian spouses, the stress and anxiety of watching their military husband or wife or significant other suffer from depression, PTSD, and substance abuse brought on by the horrors of battle or the demands of military life can be... Continue reading →