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Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency Treatment Options for Teens and Adults


Substance Abuse/Addiction Treatment for Adults and Adolescents (9 years of age and older)

 The continued use of drugs and/or alcohol, despite the ongoing occurrence of problems, is known as substance abuse disorder.  While each drug can produce different symptoms, after a prolonged period of abuse every aspect of a person’s life will begin to suffer. The harmful use of substances can lead to the development of behavioral, cognitive, and physiological changes that result in an individual having a dependence (psychological or physiological) for their substance of choice and an inability to control its use. If not properly treated, substance abuse will result in serious health, relationship, employment, scholastic and legal ramifications.

 At San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we believe in wellness and leading a recovered life. We also understand that the road to recovery and sobriety is a long one and that abstaining from the alcohol or drug use is just one part of what needs to change in the person. At SABHH we have developed specialized programming that strives to make this process as complete as possible. By engaging in our comprehensive addiction treatment program, adolescents and adults who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction can develop the skills needed to not only break the cycle of addiction, but to address the entirety of their life and engage in what must change to maintain life-long happiness and sobriety.

An integrated Treatment Team approach provides a structured framework in which the patient's progress is measured and monitored. The treatment team is comprised of psychiatrists, internist, individual and family therapists, licensed addiction counselors, psychiatric nurses, dietitian, recreational therapists and multidisciplinary specialists in substance abuse and addiction. 

Scope of Substance Abuse Treatment Services Include:

  • Assessment/Detoxification, a medical and psychological period which frees each patient from alcohol and drugs. 
  • Individualized treatment planning occurs utilizing laboratory testing, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, and other clinical evaluations.  Intensive inpatient program of individual and group therapy and therapeutic community interaction.    

  • Family therapy programs which provide family members with a greater understanding of their role in the recovery process.

  • Living skills such as non-chemical coping, relaxation techniques, problem solving, assertiveness training, nutrition, and maintaining personal health and fitness.
  • Orientation of the patient and their families to self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Alon, Cocaine Anonymous and other supportive resources.

  • Assistance with the transition back  to the community and after care treatment is included at no extra charge.  Referrals are made to self-help groups, private practitioners, sober living facilities and other outpatient community based resources.  

As we believe in treating the whole person, listed below are the daily mental health services provided:

 Medication Management

 As patients are admitted to the hospital, a complete assessment of need is determined to include psychiatric and medical assessment, nursing assessment, clinical assessment and lab work conducted. From the findings, if needed, a detoxification protocol is engaged and managed by the medical team to allow the patient a safe withdrawal from the alcohol or drugs in their system. When individuals are struggling with the presence of Co-Occurring Disorder in addition to chemical dependency problem, the implementation of psychotropic medications may be incorporated into their overall plan of care. The need for such medications, however, is always determined on a case-by-case basis. Patients who are engaged and the addictions and Co- Occurring Disorders Program will meet with their psychiatrist daily so that any medications that have been prescribed can be monitored for therapeutic effectiveness and any changes necessary can be made.

 Individual Therapy

 Masters-level clinician's and/or Licensed addiction counselors offer individual therapy sessions with patients on a weekly basis. Each patient's therapist will be assigned to him or her depending on the identified presenting concerns, therapeutic approach will be used in order to effectively address those concerns, and the specific training of the therapist possesses. The sessions occur in a confidential, one to one setting so the patient is afforded the opportunity discuss his or her progress in treatment, address any concerns and process the feelings that he or she is having.

 Group Therapy

 At the time that patients are admitted into the Addictions and Co-Occurring Disorder Program their assigned to a small group of peers, whom are engaged in the same program. This group will meet together for therapy sessions daily. In addition to serving as a general process group topics are covered during this group may include but are not limited to grief and loss, relapse prevention, anxiety, anger management, shame, breaking the cycle of addiction, family issues, relationships, and life-long recovery.

 Family Therapy

The disease of addiction has significant physical, emotional and social consequences for the individual seeking addiction treatment. At San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital we understand and believe that for the family and significant others, who have been impacted by the disease,  the need for help and healing is as important.

  We view family as an essential component of a patient’s ongoing recovery program and seek to involve family members in the addiction treatment and recovery process.  Our addiction and substance abuse family therapy program is designed to assess your family’s needs, educate you about chemical dependence and offer ongoing family support during and/or after the patient’s substance abuse treatment.

Therapeutic Recreation Activities Program:

In order to help patients build a stronger sense of self and increased confidence to overcome their substance abuse concerns, this program offers patients a complete myriad of therapeutic activities which are conducted on a daily basis. Patient participation in these activities are outlined in his or her treatment plan and may include expressive art therapy, music therapy, activities therapy, and physical exercise all facilitated by Certified Recreation therapist and personal trainers.

 Help is only a phone call away

Private and confidential assessments and referral information are provided at no charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week at San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. For information about any of our Programs or Services or to schedule an assessment, please call 210-541-5350.  



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