Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We are a hospital of promise and possibilities. Everything we do is bound by one simple conviction: we strive to help our patients live at their best. Growth for the patients and the employees who care for them is our ambition. It is this conviction that brings us together and sets us apart. San Antonio Behavioral  Healthcare Hospital's mission is to create a world-class facility that sets the standard of excellence in the care of behavioral health disorders and addictive diseases. 


The vision of the San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is to provide a facility where people are treated kindly, & receive the specialized services that enables them to regain hope and direction in a supportive, caring and compassionate environment. Their wellness is our commitment. Their struggle spurs us on to be better. Our patients, families and referral sources’ determine our brand, which is based on our employee’s extraordinary passion for caring. With dedication, commitment and team approach, we continuously establish new benchmarks in everything we do. Shaping the behavioral healthcare industry sustainably is more than a job, it is our responsibility. Our services and programs set trends, develop innovative ways of care, create futures and amaze all who we are blessed to care for. It’s our impulse, an attitude that is truly dear to our hearts. It drives us.  – Every day


Performance calls for focus and dedication. This is why we have set our values to make sure we stay on the right track. They remind us of what is important.

We are committed to continuously strengthening our hospital and program services to improve our healthcare position. We are caregivers, educators, team members and partners to the citizens of San Antonio.

We are patient-focused and therefore we continuously improve the quality, look, feel and image of our services and our organizational structure to exceed the patient, family and referral sources expectations and to provide them with the highest quality of care and the most amazing experience.

We are dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding financial results.

We are a focused organization that is socially responsible, that embraces creativity and diversity and is financially rewarding for our employees and shareholders.

We are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of each of our team members.

We understand the stressful environment healthcare can create, so we are determined to create a workplace that allows humor and fun, supports our co-workers, promotes self-care and safety, and allows for upward career mobility. 

We are a facility that is committed to honesty, respect and kindness. Qualities we believe are essential to the mission and growth of the hospital.


We accept most commercial insurances: Tricare, Commercial Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid