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We develop individualized treatment plans for each patient, including an aftercare plan to help the transition to outpatient care and community services. SABHH works closely with other professionals and social support systems to ensure continuity of care and long-term recovery.

A Holistic Approach to Inpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

We work with each patient as an individual, addressing unique needs through a focused approach to treatment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, family counselors, physicians, nurses, adjunctive therapists, and dieticians. Patients will receive coaching on creating healthy boundaries, learning how to appropriately express emotions, using effective communication skills, increasing self-esteem, managing anger, and developing life skills.

Program Specifics
We’re here 24/7; help is only 1 call away.
Call or come in today for a free, confidential assessment.
  • Group and family therapy sessions
  • Recreational and expressive therapies
  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Life skills
  • Patient education to improve understanding of the illness
  • Aftercare and discharge planning
  • Intensive assessment and evaluation
  • Medication management and education
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Movement therapy (yoga, tai chi, meditation)

It is our goal to provide patients with new healthy skills they will use for life as we help them down their road to recovery.

Female doctor giving a consultation

SABHH Program Spotlight: Magnolia

Created by women for women, led by a female psychiatrist.

What is Magnolia?

Magnolia is an all-female unit and program dedicated to serving high-functioning women in a safe environment.

What makes Magnolia unique?

The program is led by Dr. Straight Line Arla and staffed by an all-female team. Magnolia weaves female-specific themes and groups throughout the therapeutic programming, such as:

  • Intimacy and trust
  • Emotional and physical boundaries
  • Decision making and trusting your judgment
  • What it means to be a woman
  • Communication and making yourself understood
  • Blame, acceptance, and forgiveness
  • Women’s health

Unit details: Magnolia takes a trauma-informed, evidence-based approach to Illness Management Recovery (IMR), in a restraint-free environment and offers dance/movement/yoga therapy weekly.

If you or someone you know is suffering from severe psychiatric issues that are negatively affecting the ability to function in everyday life, San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital can help.