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Mental Health Referrals


Someone you know and care about (or it could be you!) is suffering from severe psychiatric issues that are making you worried. Perhaps these issues are negatively affecting their ability function in everyday life, or you fear for their safety (and even the safety of those close to this person) if they don’t get professional help.

At San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, we can help. We offer effective programs for adults, teens, and military personnel who are suffering from severe depression, substance abuse and addiction, psychological trauma, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe anxiety, and other conditions and disorders that seriously affect the way a person is able to function in day-to-day life.

We accept referrals from concerned family or friends, physicians, mental health professionals, clergy, coaches, and others—including self referrals—for a free and confidential assessment to see how our programs and services can best help restore your loved one to behavioral health and a better quality of life. Together, we assist people in controlling psychiatric conditions and in learning how to manage these symptoms so they can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Professional Providers

Refer Someone as a Professional Provider

Physicians, mental health professionals, and others work with us as partners in providing care for patients who will benefit from our inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs. San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital values these partnerships and relationships in our community. We work hard to keep lines of communication open in these professional partnerships to ensure quality of care for each patient.

Self Referrals

Refer Someone as a Family Member or Friend

There is often nothing more frightening than wondering where to turn when a family member or friend is exhibiting signs of severe psychological distress or substance abuse/addiction. As a family member or friend, you are often the first to notice such negative changes in your loved one’s emotional, behavioral, and psychological state. As someone who is concerned for your loved one’s well-being, you can provide needed encouragement and support while seeking out a safe place for them to get help. Let San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital shoulder some of that burden of care.

Family Members

Refer Yourself

You don’t have to feel alone when dealing with depression, severe anxiety, thoughts of suicide, addiction, and other psychiatric issues. Help is as close as a phone call away. San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s free and confidential assessment will help us determine exactly what programs and services we can offer you to work to reduce your symptoms and allow you to enjoy life again in a healthy way.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient care

Fill out this form and email form to sabhh.outpatient@sanantoniobehavioral.com or fax to 210-541-5279 and please call us at 210-541-5289 if you have any questions.

Free, Confidential Assessment

San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital offers a free and confidential assessment at any time of the day or night. If you would like to request an assessment, or if you have questions regarding any of our programs and services, please call 210.541.5300 today.

Our programs assist adults (18 and over), adolescents (9-17), and military servicemen and –women who struggle with a wide variety of psychiatric conditions, including: depression, severe anxiety, substance abuse/addiction, co-occurring disorders, trauma, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts or actions, self-mutilation or self-harm, aggressive behaviors, and more. Our multi-disciplinary team of mental and medical professionals work to customize the inpatient, partial hospitalization, or outpatient program that will best suit each patient’s needs.


We accept most commercial insurances: Tricare, Commercial Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid